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 Tri-Color Glass



Brings Color into Your Life


DESIGN is not all about design, 
It is more important to think for our customer .


House Number Sign

Designed  frame less glass laminating house number 


Frame less Glass Bookshelf     Tempered Laminating glass with hundreds of customer pattern choice

                                                           EVA laminated glass 


     Almost Unlimited Design Of  EVA Laminated Glass Are Made With Vast Choices Of Proper Glass, Film Foil And Inter layer. EVA is available in many different colors, clear, translucent and opaque. No need to use expansive, shortage and rare color tinted glass. EVA Laminated glazing could be composed of many different types of monolithic glass. They could be annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, spandrel, wired, patterned, tinted and coated glasses, etc. Besides glass.All of these possibilities combining together would result in numerous designs of EVA laminated glass. These unlimited combinations allow designers’ endless imagination.

                                                      Why Tricolor glass


     Based on an 15 years glass company--perfect glass, Tri-color glass has been established at Feb 2011.  We provide design and services in every aspect to fully meet the needs of our clients. Through the use of glass lamination, an endless combination of effects can be achieved and for many different purposes. Designed laminated glass has been around for many years but it is not widely known. Through this process, many designs can be achieved. Our goal is to make designed glass lamination easy and affordable for everyone, from residential homes to commercial buildings. By our almost 20 years experience of glass, we hope to help you to create a modern and remarkable design.