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 Tri-Color Glass



Brings Color into Your Life

Different Glass Types

Starfire Glass vs Regular Glass

Starfire glass is clear from the side while regular glass is a bit green from the side. The starfire glass is of higher quality and they both come in all different thicknesses.

Colored Lamination: Non-Translucent vs Translucent

Colored Lamination comes in two different types: Non-translucent and Translucent. Meaning one is not transparent and one is not. Colored lamination is available in every color and with different designs as well.

Different Types of Surfaces

The surface of the class can have many different types of textures. At the same time, every color is available in every type of surface.

Beveled Edge vs Non-Beveled Edge

Glass and mirros can also have a beveled edge which is shown on the left side of the image. The bevel width depends on the thickness of the glass.

Polished Edge vs Non-Polish Edge

Polished edge is also know as flat edge. A polished edge is smooth as seen in the image on the left side. Non-polish edge is also known as a clear cut and the edge is rough a seen in the image on the right.